20th February – Snow day

Our Chalet was my first world centre and will always be my favourite. From the squirrel which was once it’s logo (now only found on the buff or running round outside.) To the staff and vollies and Skippy, a cat with one hell of a personality!

I still love the snow, a day spent airboarding and drinking hot chocolate will never be wasted. I just hope I can hold on to the joy once I’m home. 

 Scouting and Guiding shrinks the world in a wonderful way. Meeting people in Switzerland that you last saw in Japan at #WSJ2015 or at the GirlGuiding Cenetenary or even here at the Chalet 3 years ago, or back in 2010 for the great guide getaway. 

But mostly I find it strange the levels of willingness to just sit and watch the world exist and be beautiful. This is not a thing I can do at home. I can’t find that peace, that calmness. 


And a last evening, mostly spent marking after dinner with new friends. I just wish old friends could have been there too. 

  Even hard maths is better when you are at Our Chalet. I’m going to miss this place, it feels like coming home. 


19th February – Snow Joy

I still love snow. 
The bit where you wake up and there are massive flakes falling from the sky. 

Even though there is a complete white out outside. The is still something lovely about sitting drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall outside. 

I may be waiting to go out sledging, but it’s a wait that is still fun. 

Snow joy is something special. It’s kind of nuts to think that a week or so ago I was suicidaly depressed and yet my body can maintain snow joy for days on end. 

I love airboarding, the feeling of speed over snow. Less so the snow in your face…

But it’s still amazing. 

I love the fact that here in this place I can manage happy. It feels so rare to feel completely happy for days on end. 

And even when you hurt, and you’ve cracked your phone… I still love it. 

I love chalet dinners. The way you can just sit with a random mix of people from groups from all over and just talk and share stories of what you’ve been up to both here and other shared history with guiding.