20th February РKISC Day 2 РFaffing and sledging 

After a frustrating start of things being closed, and then still being closed when they should have been open. And things not being there when they should have been. 

A distinct lack of Swiss efficiency. 

The sledge run starts with a lot of walking, but once it’s a black ski run it’s great!


19th February – Snow Joy

I still love snow. 
The bit where you wake up and there are massive flakes falling from the sky. 

Even though there is a complete white out outside. The is still something lovely about sitting drinking hot chocolate and watching the snow fall outside. 

I may be waiting to go out sledging, but it’s a wait that is still fun. 

Snow joy is something special. It’s kind of nuts to think that a week or so ago I was suicidaly depressed and yet my body can maintain snow joy for days on end. 

I love airboarding, the feeling of speed over snow. Less so the snow in your face…

But it’s still amazing. 

I love the fact that here in this place I can manage happy. It feels so rare to feel completely happy for days on end. 

And even when you hurt, and you’ve cracked your phone… I still love it. 

I love chalet dinners. The way you can just sit with a random mix of people from groups from all over and just talk and share stories of what you’ve been up to both here and other shared history with guiding.