15th April – Sent by God

I went to visit Nana, only because it was Dad’s birthday tomorrow. 

Took one look at Nana’s foot and headed to hospital. Turns out she’d broken it 4 days ago, in 3 places and been walking on it ever since. 

She’s now in a boot cast. When she phoned her friend to tell her she couldn’t walk over on Tuesday and what happened the friend told Nana I was sent by God – I’m not convinced!

27th July – Best Friends 

So it began with icecream and introducing the North to the best friend. They bonded over tea and American TV. The North then got introduced to odd shopping☺️ 

So, the smallest small had fire and marshmallows and smallest Jones got to be big brother and show her how it’s done. 

And then we did impromptu babysitting while the middlest small discovered why you want a teacher as your Mum when some kid thinks it’s a good idea to be mean to you. 

23rd April – Thank you 

Thank you for putting up my boxes. 

Thanks also to: 

  • smallest small for holding the dust catcher, building Olaf and being super brave when Fidget bounced her and feeding her up!
  • middle small for rebuilding Joker Land and cutting brambles. 
  • giant hound for cleaning my ears and any/every other available bit of skin and for cuddling and snoring. 
  • my best friend at college for being lovely and pretending she wanted Lego so she could make sure I was ok. 
  • Hello Kitty for #OneKindThing it links beautifully with reasons to be greatful. 

5th April (Show week – day 1 – opening night) – Goodness 

Today has been a mix of a day. I’ve done major wobbles, body rather than brain. My spotlight was wobbly too, the hand shake and loss of concentration was unhelpful. 

But, the doughnuts I left on my car in the car park were returned to me in the theatre someone picked them up and handed them in and the whole untaxed bag was returned. Thank you. 

And one of the kids cast is exceptional, she sings not only loudly but beautifully, and can dance too. She’s an asset to the cast and a pleasure to listen to.