17th November – “we are only as strong as we are united”

The hardest part wasn’t, but it went downhill from there.

But whatever happens there are still some amazing people who will: fight for you (though never tell you themselves;) support you and cope when you can’t; miss you when you’re not there and ask anyone to try to check you’re ok (even when they know they can’t get an answer.)


17th October – Impact 

I am not my best me. I am distracted and making mistakes all over the place. Lesson 1 today was about as bad as I’ve been all year. 

Struggling with stress, struggling to sleep, struggling to focus, struggling to explain, struggling with niggles, but it’s half term next week. And hopefully things will be better when we come back. They have to be better. 

I have some of the best friends, with patience and care and distraction. They make the world a better place. A place you can cope with being part of. I’m just sorry that I’m not managing to return the favour. 

10th October – I hate October

I have some of the best friends in the world. 

When I turn up at their house they can do just the right level of looking after. Enough distraction so you don’t have to think. Time to talk but not to dwell. And yummy dinner. 

Thank you, you are amazing. 

Bake off and sewing was apparently what was needed to remain a coherent human being. 

I have a finished dress with pleats and everything. 

I hate October. 

26th August – Scout Pride 

I went to Manchester pride as a scout. And one of the things that made it 100x better than London was the lack of bigotry. 

Normally if you have a largish group of Scouts and Guides then there is prejudice, you get the snide comments: Craft, Cooking… but this was different. And it was lovely. They mixed, chatted, danced and the two organisations were accepting. Chatting to Guides many owned up to being Scouts as well, Scouts were inclusive which is sadly unusual. 

And then there was Pride. And we marched, and the world was inclusive. 

And we went out, and people were lovely. Fidget was loved, and people were generous with compliments. It’s weird the mental response to being told you are beautiful! And when the phone was lost it was handed in. And we danced, and all was good. 

15th April – Sent by God

I went to visit Nana, only because it was Dad’s birthday tomorrow. 

Took one look at Nana’s foot and headed to hospital. Turns out she’d broken it 4 days ago, in 3 places and been walking on it ever since. 

She’s now in a boot cast. When she phoned her friend to tell her she couldn’t walk over on Tuesday and what happened the friend told Nana I was sent by God – I’m not convinced!