19th May – For the best…?

Picture frames found ✔️

Drugs picked up while pharmacy still open ✔️

Filter/divert direct question to avoid upset ✖️

I hate that I hurt her, I hate that I’m still this vulnerable. 

But the frames are good and the prints look good in them. 


4th May – Like the queen only more so

And today was my third birthday of the year. I have a habit of reallocating my birthday to a day that is convenient for me and my friends. So far I’ve managed a best friend and smalls birthday on my real birthday, a birthday weekend and a uni best friend birthday today. 

Sometimes I love being predictable. Today’s was the first present that didn’t include Lego, but did have Winnie-the-Pooh (the E.H. Shepherd kind)

12th January – Last Christmas 

Today was probably my last Christmas of this year (till December.) 

We went to Wagamamas and I got more Winnie the Pooh ☺️ a book and something naively described as a Christmas decoration. 

It is not a Christmas decoration, because they are only allowed up for one month a year, whereas if I define it as “home furnishings” I can have it for  12 months!